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Robert Mapstead

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We want you! Why? Because we are stronger together!

We are a community passionate about learning and sharing our experiences and resources with each other.

WHY you should join us (and this is important):

  1. You are guaranteed to always know the latest trends and technologies in a rapidly changing marketplace.
  2. You can continue to earn the very best income available to you.
  3. You can sleep at night knowing you can always earn a living, always support your family, and always provide in a way that gives you the freedom to do the things you love!

We share FREE RESOURCES including FREE Audiobooks, FREE Courses to earn Badges and 600 FREE University Courses!

  1. We are firm believers in co-creating together.  
  2. Collaboration is the foundation for innovation.
  3. You can learn facts on your own but together we create synergy!

We are a community of over 2,600 members who want to share what we know for the benefit of all of us!

You are unique and we want to connect with you!

"When you come into an organization, you bring with you an arcane potency, which stems, in part, from your uniqueness.

That, in turn, is rooted in a complex mosaic of personal history that is original, unfathomable, inimitable.

There has never been anyone quite like you, and there never will be.

Consequently, you can contribute something to an endeavor that nobody else can.  There is a power in your uniqueness -- an inexplicable, unmeasurable power."

"Orbiting the Giant Hairball" by Gordon MacKenzie

About Me

As a lifelong learner, I discovered digital badges and after I earned my first 10 badges, I wondered, "What do I do with this knowledge?"

If you are like me, I learn best when I apply what I learned.

So, I created Upskill Create to provide us with opportunities to actually create from the knowledge we have learned. 

Together, we can forge new opportunities to secure our future.